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Services - Start Ups Summary


a) Bylaws

b) Minutes of meeting

c) Limited Board participation


a) Common (Co-founders)

b) Preferred (founders) 

c) Options (Employees)

Tax structure

a) Monthly balance sheets 

b) Quarterly balance sheets 

c) Annual auditing 

d) General Audit

Business plans

a) Quarterly projections 

b) Annual projections 

c) Short term projection (3 to 10 years)

Accounting structure

a) Accounting Software

  • Goldmine
  • QuickBooks

b) Software Project management

  • Integration
  • Entry level training

Board structure

a) Upper management

b) Management


Five components to a successful venture

1. Infrastructure

a. Business Plan

b. Board of directors

c. Incorporation

d. Securities

i. Upper management

  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Preferred
  • Common
  • Compensation
  • Vesting schedules
  • Severance packages

ii. Employees

  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Options
  • Compensation

e. Auditing

f. (PPM) Preferred placement memorandum: (optional)

2. Exist strategy

a. Alternatives to investors

b. Escape goat

3. Capital funding

a. Angel funding

b. Capital funding

4. Burn rate and sales

a. Short term goal planning

b. Long term goal planning

c. Sales plan

d. Zero burn rate

5. Implementation of exit strategy

a. Investor relations

b. Board relations

c. Exposure efforts

  • VC Conferences
  • Industry conferences


Mergers & Acquisitions



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